Javier Sánchez is a Mexican visual artist born in 1981, whose work focuses on the exploration of sound through the visual arts. His artistic concept uses innovative processes such as using obsolete technologies, experimenting with electricity, and fusing visual media with sound. The deconstruction of ideas, images, and materials is a fundamental part of his work, which allows him to integrate thematic axes related to history and philosophy. Sánchez has participated in several artistic residencies. In 2023, he was selected for an artistic residency under the tutelage of Mark Bradford at the Zapopan Art Museum (MAZ) in Zapopan, in 2018 Proyecto H Gallery in Mexico, while in 2015 at Signal Culture Experimental Media Arts in New York. In addition, he led a workshop at the Museo Carrillo Gil. As for his exhibitions, in 2022 he presented his work at Proyecto H gallery in Mexico City and at the Centro de Cultura Digital, CDMX. In 2021, he participated in the exhibition “Manifestos y Representaciones de Color y Formas” at Proyecto T, CDMX. In 2020, he also presented a video installation at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Juan Soriano and “Sincronismos Anacrónicos” at the Salón ACME. In 2018, his work was exhibited at T Gallery at the Rubin Center Gallery in El Paso, Texas. Sanchez’s work possesses the ability to generate sensory and reflective experiences in the viewer.