About us

Proyecto H is an international contemporary art gallery with offices in Mexico City (since 2013) and Madrid (since 2016). The gallery’s objective is the dissemination, exhibition, and internationalization of emerging, mid-career, and established contemporary artists; thereby seeking to create a bridge between both latitudes. The gallery annually schedules a minimum of 8 exhibitions that are divided between both venues collaborating with independent curators.
A priority of the gallery is the participation in International Fairs of Contemporary Art, in order to establish relationships between artists, museums, institutions, and collectors. In addition, it is a commitment for Proyecto H to encourage and disseminate the work of Spanish artists in America, and American artists, mainly Mexican, abroad. Within a program developed by the gallery, one of its spaces is being used to house a residence-studio, “Proyecto T.” This project seeks to give visibility to the work of young artists, who still do not have representation in a gallery, trying, in turn, to generate a meeting place with the different agents of the contemporary art world. Nicolás Guzmán (winter 2017) was the first resident artist followed by Jorge Rosano Gamboa (spring 2018), Clara Cebrian (summer 2018), Masks of Wire (fall 2018), Manuel Fermín (spring 2019), Martín Ferreyra (summer 2019), and The Guest Room (summer-spring 2019).