Isabel Alonso Vega, spanish sculptor, graduated from Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense. Currently, she lives and works in Madrid.

In 2013, she starts to play an active role at the Art Center Urgel 3 in Madrid. This organization promotes international interaction between European artists through residencies, art exhibitions, International Art Fairs, etc.

Her work has been shown in numerous galleries in Europe and the USA, such as Krause Gallery in New York, White Noise Gallery in Rome, Italy, Löwenbrau Kunst Zurich in Zurich, Switzerland, Ulf Larsson Gallery in Cologne, Germany, and a solo exhibition in our Gallery at Mexico City during 2022.

She has also participated in various international art fairs: Zona Maco 2023, Dallas Art Fair 2022, Art Verona, Art Rotterdam, Positions Berlin, Affordable Art Hong Kong, Scope Miami, Scope NY, Scope Basel, Art Madrid, Just Madrid.

She has been selected to form a part of the artist residency at Montresso Arts Foundation, Jardin Rouge Artist Residency and Marrakech.

Norlinda and José Lima Collection, Room Mate collection and Bracken Darrel have acquired works of hers.

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Comisión, 2023

Not available

Suspiro, 2023


Humo Ascendente, 2023

Not available

Victoria, 2022


Oro, 2021


Red III, 2021


Suspiro, 2021

Not available