Federico Miró is a Spanish painter whose work portrays natural landscapes through a technique that evokes textile art, suggesting the texture of interwoven fabrics and patterns from another era. These elements encourage reflection on the time involved in creating his pieces. Miró has held solo exhibitions in places like the Javier Marín Gallery in Málaga in 2022, F2 Gallery in 2018, Gallery Red in Mallorca in the same year, the Marta Cervera Gallery in Madrid in 2014, and the Fine Arts Exhibition Hall in Málaga in 2013. In addition to his solo exhibitions, Miró has participated in various group exhibitions in spaces such as Da2 in Salamanca and the CAC Málaga in 2017. Some of his notable achievements include the first prize in the Manuel Ángeles Ortiz Painting Competition at the University of Jaén, the BMW Painting Innovation Award in 2017, and the first prize in the “Summer Salon” exhibition at the Moncloa Gallery in Madrid in 2014. He has also been present at art fairs like Just Mad and Estampa in 2017, as well as ARCO Madrid and ARCO Lisbon in 2018. As for his education, Federico Miró obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Málaga in 2013 and completed the Master’s in Research in Art and Creation at the Complutense University of Madrid in 2014.