“And if tomorrow the sun rises…?”

“And if tomorrow the sun rises…?” is an exhibition made up of a series of works with which Armesto invites us to reflect on how we navigate today’s complex world and on the footprint we are leaving in it; how the Sun influences our daily lives to such a degree that it can affect our most existential state of mind. How easy it is to be captivated by the Sun and observe its ability to give life! In temperate regions, light is taken for granted, but in cold climates, it is seen as lucky. The fusion reactions of the core of our Sun transform 4 million tons of matter into energy every second and a small part reaches the earth feeding life.


Among the works that make up this exhibition is the installation that gives it its name: And if tomorrow, the Sun rises…? a composition of 18 papers measuring, three of which are attached to a light box. These papers have been subjected to thermal and light radiation treatment, undergoing variations with which Armesto has created varied circular compositions and, in some cases, totally random.

The papers have been subjected to a contact solarization process with reserve to a source of light and heat. Due to the latter, they take on a sienna tone, sometimes scorched earth that generates some concern in their contemplation, and that is mixed with interventions of bioluminescent paint to highlight some elements found in the image. Once again, opposites attract in a reflection towards this expansive tendency of things, towards harmony and its rupture. And, above all, in a clear allusion to climate change and the constant rise in the average temperatures of the planet, generating more and more extreme climates in which human beings and all living beings that inhabit the planet see their existence increasingly compromised.


This research experience has led the artist to produce a series of works for the exhibition of a more intimate nature, translated into wall works of a sculptural nature, treated as three-dimensional bas-reliefs, in which the most figurative references, such as the leit-motive in the work of Pablo Armesto, is pure geometry. In this case, the circle and the sphere allude to the star king, as well as to references to elements of nature or fractals, trying to investigate and represent the different aspects that show the beauty and simplicity of pure forms, of the most essential and how the Sun acts on living beings.