“Red Star, Winter Orbit”

Red Star, Winter Orbit is an exhibition that shows the work of four Mexican artists whose work reflects on space, the bodies that occupy it, the movement that generates them, and the trajectories that they lead in turn.

Gordillo’s work emerges from a meditative and introspection process, from where she faces new situations to generate new knowledge and perception of the environment. For Peláez, the stain and the accident become objects (stones) parting from his own limits. These stones float, explode and inhabit spaces that delimit them and that place them in different narrative conditions. Jimena Rincón reflects on the relationship we have with the environment, how it conditions us to make decisions and how they modify and create our identity and our history over time. On his end, Verduzco and the formal-spatial exercises transport us to spaces in a constant movement where perspective plays a leading role.

Red Star, Winter Orbit makes reference to the eponymous story of two of the greatest exponents of science fiction, Gibson and Sterling. As well as the exhibition, this narrative talks about the new possibilities and trajectories that our decisions generate in spaces yet to be discovered. Participating artists: Rocío Gordillo, Javier Peláez, Jimena Rincón and Álvaro Verduzco.