On perspective


The works in this exhibition awaken deep concern in those who contemplate them. A simple glimpse of any of them could challenge our perception. Are we seeing a moving object or are we faced with a tangible, static object? This is how fascinating the works of Patrick Hughes and Rafael Barrios appear, like an authentic game of illusions.

Using different visual languages, both artists reflect their distinguished technical prowess. The optical illusion materialized in sculptures and paintings, invites us to maintain a deep dialogue with each work, a dialogue that leads us to reflect on the complexity of reality. The versatility of his styles, both in terms of technique and concept, allows viewers, to need a second look, at a new interpretation of what is presented to us.

The figures that Patrick Hughes incorporates in his works are not mere static images; They appeal to us directly as subjects who need movement to interact with the work and its meaning. These could not be understood without navigating them from all their angles. Hughes pushes you into the movement to experience a fleeting visual illusion. His works urge us to participate in his proposal, to explore his mysteries from every possible angle. Hughes and Barrios push us towards action and immerse us in an ephemeral but surprising visual illusion.


In this space, where both artists share their visions, a dimension of art is revealed to us that challenges our traditional notions of spatial perception, a discourse on the authenticity of what is observed.

In a world characterized by uncertainty and lack of clarity in the information and images that surround us, as Sartori (2008) and Fontcuberta (2016) warn, it is necessary to consider a multiplicity of perspectives to understand what is happening. For us, reality emerges as the fruit of an interweaving of numerous images, interpretations, and reconfigurations that compete with each other. This is where, as viewers, we can direct our gaze through the works of Rafael Barrios and Patrick Hughes. From the desire to go beyond a superficial vision. From the concern to know a new point of view that can make you change your perspective.

The works exhibited here are an invitation to blur the boundaries between reality and representation. Through them, we discern the transience of absolute truths, therefore, we embrace the image as a jovial and ephemeral entity, a reflection of the world in constant mutation that, when observed, reveals new facets and secrets to discover.