“A Classic Love Letter”

Proyecto H  presents the exhibition A Classic Love Letter, the first solo show of the North American artist Paul Rousso in Mexico.

Paul Rousso, North Carolina (EE.UU) 1958, innovative artist, began his studies in 1981 at Ohio’s Cleveland Institute of Art and in the California College of the Arts. Afterwards he developed a professional career in advertising and scenography, crucial to understand his work. He worked as art director for fashion brands as Revlon. Also, he was hired as scenography painter for Warner Bros. movies. It’s until the 90’s when Rousso started focusing on his art work with intense activity art centers, galleries, fairs and exhibitions.

His work is inspired from Pop culture during the 60’s, when consumerism objects in society are turned into everyday modern icons. His work is surrounded in two main concepts: First, volume creation from flat surfaces, turning two dimensional objects into a tridimensional one, through complex techniques that involve painting, printing, sculpting, digital manipulation and digital printing. On the other side, the ironical act of destroying paper elements, such as money, candy wrappers, magazine paper and newspapers. This theme reflects very often in his compositions. Rousso’s fascination with paper’s history and use, makes him build a tridimensional aspect of these wrinkled objects, searching for satire in absurd size and dimensions.


The exhibition brings together some of the most representative pieces and the path that Rousso has travelled, from his early more famous series about money, wrappings and magazines, until the most conceptual work like the serie Abstract Solids.