“Sin título”

Proyecto H is pleased to present the second individual exhibition of the Mexican artist Jorge Yázpik, available from June 7 to September.

In the exhibition, Yázpik shows a new face of abstract sculpture. From a nearly 3-meter piece of volcanic rock on a water bed, to pieces of obsidian with gold leaf, and towers of wood, the artist challenges traditional elements of sculpture, mixing modernity with the contemporary, the conceptual with the aesthetic.

Yázpik seeks to immerse the viewer in the work, since for him the world of abstraction is related to interior worlds. It is a question of knowing how to accommodate the frequency, of getting into the piece, of doing what you have to do, and living within art. And in that process, suddenly that is the landscape that surrounds us, the one in which the spectator is walking in the middle of what his mind perceived, conceived, and imagined, in the middle of abstract forms.

In addition, a central element of Yázpik’s work is his versatility with materials, to which he gives relevance to their natural qualities and the negotiation with the limits they impose. Thus, in this exhibition, the artist experiments with the rock of different geological origins, obsidian, wood, and gold through direct carving, without molds, achieving a post-minimalist geometric abstraction. The same reflection is found in his painting, with oil on linen and collages with wood, natural paper, and ink, which generate subtle and harmonious compositions.

Thus, the artist uses a non-symbolic language made of visual elements and spatial proportions: a language that precedes words and images to speak to the viewer of mental architecture, like a memorial to time lost in the folds of our collective memory.