Venus in Scorpio

The planet Venus has inspired numerous mystical and astrological references in ancient civilizations. Venus is one of the oldest deities and was worshiped under different names by almost all cultures.

In astrology, Venus rules matters related to love, creation, and beauty.

The constellation of Scorpio is associated with deep emotions, sensitivity, the unconscious, intuition, secrets, and everything that has to do with the occult.

In an astrological chart, the zodiac sign that Venus is in is an indication of the qualities that we value, find attractive, or love in a person, artwork, landscape, or philosophy. There is eroticism and seduction on Venus in Scorpio since sexual tension is insinuated all the time, no matter in which areas or places it is expressed.

This year (2021) Venus is in Scorpio from September 11 to October 7.

Maria Rébora