“Plots and Fiction”

Be careful. Don’t trust your eyes. The space you are occupying right now has been inhabited by forms that may seem innocent at first glance. They are not. That thing you see hanging on the wall is not just a weird shape. It is something much more dangerous: it is what you want it to be. The invitation is done. Look around you and, like someone drawing clouds, exceed all limits of your imagination with the faces of reality that Castillo Ochotorena offers you in each of the six works that invade the walls of this room today.
Come closer, look from the side and even out of the corner of your eye. Look at the textures, wood, leather, wicker and acrylic. Look at the angles and curves. Also look at the shadows. It disfigures the distance that exists between the form and the wall so that the void acquires corporeality. This is Castillo Ochotorena’s third exhibition, a product of his residency at Proyecto T and which crystallizes the revolutionized airs of this moment in his personal and creative evolution. After nine months of research and learning of craft techniques, Fernando talks about flattened polyhedrons, abstraction and pareidolia as well as decomposed acrylic and wicker, raw wood and
tanned skins. This is the creative drive of an artist who weaves plots and fiction.


Rodrigo Sarmiento





Fotografía: Manolo Márquez