The Silver Future Today

Monica Deutsch reflects on the invention of the future based on the observation of silver, which is used to represent the distant and technological future of advertising companies, specifically in Hollywood cinema, fictional films featuring shiny silver people, outer space, machines, and spaceships. A future that they told us about but that seems to be here already, a world of robots, where the individual and the interior have no place; bright screens, cordless telephones, iridescent textures.

How is it that we can survive in a world where thought has been homogenized? We live in the dictatorship of the future, locked up, vulnerable, subjected to a system that does not see us, and that constantly repeats that we have to be better, brighter, more expensive. With humanity on the verge of forgetting individual thoughts, only a few will be able to cope.

In order to save herself, Monica takes a piece of future silver cloth and uses it as support to make a composition of objects from her own daily life; memories and memory are only possible from her personal history.

How to fight the power? Being truthful to yourself every time, remembering who you are. Reality is fiction and fiction is truth.