“Ciudad Velada”


Ancient Mexican pre-hispanic cultures had the tradition of transferring calendrical units to the physical public space, in Mayan monuments, the area devoted to calendrical notations used to be bigger than the space depicting characters or events.
This prioritizi

ng of calendrical calculations denotes an obsession regarding calendars that has transmuted to the current Mexican secular public space.
All images on this project were taken on the street or place named after the date they represent. They were processed and printed by the artist on the same day, constituting an anachronistic homage to Douglas Huebler, On Kawara, and other parameter-based artists.

This project will conclude when I record all 366 such streets or places. As of December 1st, 2021, the progress is 52.0 percent of existing streets, and 35.5 percent of the total of days. The project will continue during his residency program in Proyecto T.