Currently Marta resides in Mexico City and is the founder of MoreMore Studio, where she specializes in punch needle and embroidery techniques, creating textile art. An ancient technique that consists of threading fibers through the holes of a specific fabric, stitch by stitch. The result is a dense, textured fabric.

Marta’s work is a beautiful abstraction of nature, with an emphasis on shapes, volumes, textures, colors, and reliefs. His meticulous attention to detail is evident in every intricate and bold design he creates. As a designer, color is a critical element in Marta’s work. He has a unique perspective on color, seeing it as a medium to express emotions and sensations. It is clear that Marta’s education has played an important role in her training as a designer.

Marta is a shining example of a successful artist who has stayed true to her roots. His dynamic personality permeates his unique style, and the MoreMore studio is a reflection of his exceptional talent and innovative spirit.

During June and July, Marta will be working at Proyecto T Residency program, the second residency of 2023.


Hanabi, 2022


Célula, 2022


Tú, 2023