My line of research focuses on experimentation from the material to
find new relationships, intimate and personal with our environment and with
ourselves, formalized in installations and sculptures.

Carmen Mora’s proposal for the residence at Project T arises from her research and experimentation with the condition of fossils, specifically with the processes of decontextualization of fossil trees that appear in a different time and in places to which they do not belong. . The result will be a series of sculptures, which, like new bodies, will be presented on the wall, on the floor, or perched on another object. The process of mineralization of plant bodies takes place in the subsoil: the tree, covered with layers of sediment and without oxygen, is penetrated (infiltrated through its pores) by water with mineral salts while its matter decomposes. Finally, a stone mold remains. In this decomposition and transformation, the bark, the skin of the tree, acts as a crust that preserves its original shape. In some cases, it has a bright, multicolored appearance due to the presence of iron, manganese, and other minerals.

Past exhibitions:
Sculto art fair (La Rioja) with Espacio Valverde, October 2021
ARCO 2021 International Fair (Madrid) in July 2021 with Espacio Valverde
Collective Exhibition Eden, curated by Casa Antillón in Casa de Campo
(Madrid), June 13, 2020
Art Lima (International Art Fair of Lima), Peru, with Espacio Valverde in
april 2020
Solo exhibition at Espacio Valverde (Madrid), February 2020
Installation Forest in Collective Exhibition Archetypes with the Gallery
Pinturapintura (Madrid), February 2019. Guest artists: Manuel Salinas, Antonio
Sosa, Francisco Soto Mesa
Discovery Art Fair, Frankfurt with the Van Gogh gallery, November 2018, and exhibition
Collective in Madrid
Collective exhibition “A Parte” at Cruz Bajo Gallery (Madrid), September 2018.
Guest artists: Luis Asin, Alejandro and Diego Cano
Decorative Art Fair, London with the Verde Gabán gallery, January 2018

ArtViewer, September 2020
Contemporary Relief, July 2020
I-D Vice, July 2020
Contemporary Art Platform “PAC”, June 2020
Vanity Fair Culture, January 2020
Out of Series, December 2018