Rodrigo Alcocer de Garay practice is based on the integration of photographs, the photographic; the reaction to speeches, and particular practices of production and consumption of images in the current historical moment. He studied Photography at the Neue Schule für Fotografie in Berlin and at the Academy of Visual Arts in Mexico City, in addition to various workshops; He also studied Architecture at UNAM. His work has been exhibited in Mexico, the United States, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. He was selected in the XVII Biennial of Photography and participated in Fotomuro vol. II of the Image Center. His work is part of various private collections. Since 2014 he has taught photography classes and workshops in different institutions. He works with the transitions and artifacts of photography, among the dominant practices related to the massive and generalized production of the digital in contrast to the strategies related to photography and its specificities in terms of media and supports, as an official practice within art contemporary. It is in these changes of interval that he finds ways to explore the different natures of the photographic, in a world where everyone makes, edits, and shares images.


sg_sunrise_03, 2017


sg_sunrise_17, 2017