Lucía Vallejo was born in Bilbao in 1975. She is a sculptor and art historian. She exhibits regularly in galleries and international fairs such as ARCO, Art Cologne, or Pulse New York, among others. She has worked with the Galería Maior de Mallorca for a decade and worked with Distrito4 in Madrid. She is currently represented by the Pilar Serra Gallery in Madrid and Proyecto H in Mexico.

Her work is linked to the movement of the decomposition of the painting, it expands and releases the materiality of the canvas, thus recovering the expressive potential of its nature as a fabric. The painting leaves its two-dimensional condition to become a three-dimensional object. She started tearing the fabrics and in no time she went on to fold and twist them, sculpting the void. The next step for her was the facilities. Her exhibition at the Casal Solleric was a turning point in her career, as her work becomes more complex as she begins to create works for public spaces. In the exhibition held in 2017 at Tabacalera Promoción del Arte, she presented her most mature work, receiving excellent reviews in the press.

Since the beginning, her work has become part of numerous international collections, both public and private (Coca-Cola Foundation, Lilly Scarpetta collection, etc.), and has been very well received by specialized critics. In April-May 2018, her work was exhibited at the Palacio das Artes in Oporto in a solo exhibition entitled “splendor et annuntiatio: no palácio á siléncio” curated by María de Fátima Lambert. In 2019, among other projects, she participated in a group exhibition at the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastián as well as a solo exhibition at the Lázaro Galdiano Museum in Madrid.


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Sudario Blanco, 2017


Azul Sfumatto, 2017

Not available

Vista con Toledo de El Greco, 2015


Santa Rosalia de Van Dyck, 2015


Gainsbourg, 2015


Manto de Santa Ana de Antonio Pereda XVII, 2017